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Terms and Conditions for the usage of the onedb cloud service, libraries and application binaries.

By downloading any of the libraries, application binaries provided on the web pages and/or and any of their sub pages, you agree to the terms and conditions laid out below.

You may:
  • Use the One API (Java package one.core) to access the onedb cloud within the usage restrictions granted to your API key.
  • Link the provided onedb Java Client Library to your applications and deploy them with your applications provided that your application uses the library to connect with the onedb cloud.
  • Link the provided onedb Java Test Toolkit to your applications for development and test purposes.
  • Use the provided source code under the respective license indicated in the source code download.
You may not:
  • Use the onedb cloud service for any purposes illegal in your jurisdiction and/or the jurisdictions of the United States of America, Germany and/or New Zealand.
  • Make any claims against me for damages caused by using the provided libraries/binaries and/or the onedb cloud service.
  • Modify the provided onedb Java Client Library and/or onedb Java Test Toolkit in any way without prior explicit authorization by the developer Max Rohde.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


(c) Max Rohde 2012
Picture credits: Sheep by GrahamPics1