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onedb seeks to be a generic solution to a generic problem. In particular, to the problem of connecting distributed data.

As it is true for all generic solutions, onedb is similar to a number of other technologies. You can check out the technologies listed on this page and see whether they will be a better fit for your usecase.

If I have missed an important framework or software below, please drop me an email or add a comment below.

Please note that I do not list the technologies below to indicate that onedb is as important or feature rich as these, but merely  as starting point to explore related approaches to onedb :).

Object and Graph Databases

db4object database: The db4objects database enables Java and .Net developers to store and retrieve objects from a database with ease.

NeoDatis Object Database: The NeoDatis Object Database is a multi-platform, portable object database with a simple API.

Neo4j: Neo4j is an established graph database written in Java.

Spring Data Graph: Spring Data Graph seeks to provide an abstract API to Graph Databases. 

Key Value Stores

Apache Cassandra: Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable and failure-tolerant key value store database.

MongoDB: MongoDB is a scalable key-value database.

Redis: Redis is a key-value oriented database, which allows structured values such as lists as key values.

Cloud Platforms

Google Cloud Storage: Google Cloud Storage is a cloud service to store data items on the cloud using a RESTful interface.

Amazon S3: Amazon S3 is a service, which allows to store arbitrary data items on Amazon servers using a RESTful API or various language specific APIs.

usergrid: usergrid is a cloud-based platform to manage application objects for rich client applications.

Synchronization Frameworks

Microsoft Sync Framework: The Microsoft Sync Framework aims at enabling the synchronization of data across devices.

Direct Web Remoting Framework: Direct Web Remoting allows the passing of messages between a Java back-end and JavaScript front-end.

Web App Frameworks

Play Framework: The Play framework enables to build scalable web applications with minimal configuration.

Microsoft Entity Framework: The Microsoft Entity Framework is an ORM framework for .NET.

Opa Framework: Framework to build web applications aiming to enabled the developer to focus on building domain objects rather than UI and/or persistence details.


Yoga Restful Web Framework: Building on a REST interface, the Yoga Restful Web Framework allows to access complex object trees on a server.

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